Doodle Pic

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Doodle on any picture (or just a blank canvas) from your camera or library and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email!

DoodlePic allows you to create doodles over the top of your photos, or camera and send them to your friends (just like we have all done in newspapers and magazines!).

Be creative! Dress up a picture for your lover, help pinpoint some directions on a map for a friend, or just doodle away and see where your creativity takes you!

MASSIVE update now supports the following:

- Dual app for both iPhone and iPad
- Supports high resolution retina images on both devices
- Share your DoodlePics on Facebook and Twitter, or email them to a friend.
- Any DoodlePics you create are saved for editing / viewing later
- Thousands of colours to draw with
- Position the pen to your liking for the really intense DoodlePic-ers!

Feedback is greatly appreciated, so please dont hesitate to get in touch if you have any bugs or issues.